The ESR Token Pre-Sale (16th April)

We’re now fast approaching the opening of the ESR token pre-sale (Friday 16th April 09:00 UK time — click here to check what time this will be in your local time zone), and this article will provide full details on how you can obtain ESR tokens. There will be a simple guide and an advanced guide. You can choose the simple guide below if you just want to purchase your tokens and be done, or you can follow the advanced guide which will provide further insight into how a token sale smart contract actually works, which some of you may find interesting.

Before we get to the details, I really want to take this opportunity to say a few words.

Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for the ongoing support you’ve provided me in the HPB community. I say it constantly, but I genuinely believe the community to be the most engaging, enthusiastic, inclusive, helpful, and truly awesome community for ANY crypto or blockchain I’ve ever come across. Over the past 5 months I’ve grown to know many of you….I’ve had conversations with many people, both in the HPB Global and HPB price groups, but also in private groups and in direct messages, and it truly is the community that spurs me on to keep doing what I do.

Now I know I’ve kept the ESR project shrouded in mystery for many weeks (don’t worry, the wait is almost over!) and I appreciate that for many people, investing in a new crypto token before you’ve even seen a whitepaper or you even know what ESR stands for, is too much of a risk. After all, I’m an “internet stranger”, and there are no hard feelings at all if you prefer to wait until the 19th to see what the whitepaper offers. That’s totally understandable. The only point I would make is that the brief period before the 19th when the tokens are available to purchase, is the time when you’ll find it relatively easy to obtain some of them. In contrast, I have no idea how quickly they will go once the whitepaper goes public on Monday 19th, so if you are planning to wait to see the whitepaper before you invest, it’s perhaps worth setting some time aside to get reading it quickly!

It’s totally up to the individual to decide what they want to do. If you are more risk-averse, then it’s better to wait until you see the whitepaper. For the very small, select group of HPB community members who DO choose to invest early (before the 19th), then I want to provide you some assurances.

As I’ve said to many of you, I don’t really consider myself a “dev” (although I can program solidity smart contracts, including the ESR factory contracts) ….Instead I see myself as more of an “ideas” guy :)

  • Imagination
  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ambition
  • Surprises!

If you purchase before the 19th, then you are not just investing in my DApp idea, but you are investing in me as a person, and for the people who choose to take that “leap of faith” before they see a whitepaper, that means a hell of a lot to me on a personal level, and your gesture of faith won’t be forgotten.

You won’t just be investing in ESR, you will also be investing in my ideas, and my drive to make this a success, and you will be offering your trust in me.

Can I guarantee that ESR will make you a ton of money ?

unfortunately no I can’t. If you think that this will guarantee you a profit, then do not invest, as these guarantees cannot be made me, nor by anyone else.

Can I promise you that ESR carries zero-risk as a crypto investment?

Again…I’m afraid can’t do that. None of us can predict the future, especially in a volatile market such as crypto. Once again, if you have any concerns or doubts, then do not invest.

Can I promise you that I will give my all to make this project succeed?

Absolutely 100% yes! :) Hopefully you will see what I am capable of doing on my own, so once this goes public, and the wider community also get involved and this project moves forward, I believe we will achieve incredible things!

Like I say, it’s up to you as an individual to decide if you want to grab some ESR tokens when it’s still easy to get some (before the 19th), or instead you choose to play it safe and wait for the whitepaper to drop, or perhaps even decide not to purchase any at all, It’s totally up to you…. If you have any doubts at all, it’s better to just wait until the 19th. But whatever you do, I genuinely wish you all the best of luck, good health and prosperity!

Ok let’s talk about the actual ESR token presale! :-)

Before you even think about sending any HPB, read ALL of the following information carefully so that you FULLY understand what you are doing!

First off, let me clarify a couple of things immediately:

  1. “ESR whale” candidates. You were informed that no HPB should leave your account or you would be disqualified from the whale competition. There is a single EXCEPTION to this, which is that if you decide to purchase ESR tokens using your account, then you won’t be disqualified. The address to which the HPB can leave your account to go to, is the ESR token pre-sale address (further down this article). If HPB leaves your wallet to go to this single address, then it is ok, you will not be penalized or disqualified from the ESR whale competition.

2. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT attempt to purchase ESR tokens from a centralized exchange wallet! This is so incredibly important that you understand this!

So for example, if you have HPB stored on Kucoin/Bibox/Indodax/MXC/ or any other “centralized” exchange, then DO NOT send HPB to the ESR pre-sale address! I will explain why… When you store HPB on an exchange, you are not really storing that HPB in a “personal” wallet. Instead you are storing your HPB in a “pooled” group wallet, shared by many other exchange users. If you send HPB from one of these “pooled” wallets, the ESR tokens will be sent back to that wallet address, but you will have no way of retrieving them. You MUST send the HPB from a PERSONAL wallet. The easiest way to define and recognize a personal wallet is one whereby you own the private key to that wallet.

If you don’t have a private key for your wallet, then it is NOT a truly personal wallet.

  • The Official HPB wallet app IS a personal wallet
  • A Metamask wallet IS a personal wallet
  • An imToken wallet IS a personal wallet

These are fine to send HPB from, but just be sure that you understand that you should not, under any circumstances send HPB from a “pooled” exchange wallet, as it will be down to you and the exchange admins to figure out how you could possibly retrieve them if you do.

I’ll say it once more to be super clear! DO NOT send HPB to the token pre-sale smart contract from a a “pooled” exchange wallet!

All my HPB is currently stored on Kucoin/Bibox/Indodax/etc — So how do I participate?

The simple answer is to create a personal wallet and then send some or all of your HPB to that personal wallet. You can then participate in the ESR token sale from that personal wallet.

The simplest way is to create a wallet in the official HPB wallet app on the IOS Apple app store. Launch the app on your phone, and find out what your wallet address is, and then send some HPB to that address from the crypto exchange. If you are struggling with this, there are plenty of people in the HPB Telegram community that can help you.

Another option is to create a wallet using Metamask (either Metamask extension for Chrome or Edge on a PC, or the Metamask app) — here is a guide:

Step 1 — Install Metamask, and then point Metamask to the HPB network

If you are using Metamask Desktop Extension then these are the details

If you are using Metamask mobile wallet app, then you can watch the following video guide in the ESR group.

Step 2 — Once setup, you can either “import” an existing wallet (you’ll need a private key) or you can alternatively create a brand new wallet

Step 3 — You can then send HPB from the exchange to the wallet in Metamask

Step 4 — Once you have HPB in your Metamask wallet, you can then send HPB from there to the ESR token pre-sale smart contract address, and the ESR tokens will be sent back to your wallet address.

The same process applies for the imToken app which is very similar to Metamask. You point to the HPB network, and then either import an existing wallet (with a private key) or create a new one.

If you are unsure, I’d recommend sending a tiny amount of HPB to the personal wallet from your exchange first of all, to convince yourself that you have done it correctly.

Ok, so assuming you have HPB ready in a PERSONAL wallet, and you wish to participate in the ESR token pre-sale, it is very simple.

All you need to do, is send some HPB (minimum of 1 HPB) to the following address once the pre-sale opens:


that’s it!

Within moments of the ESR smart contract receiving the HPB, it will instantly transfer 10x the amount in ESR tokens back to the wallet that it received the HPB from. simple!

Now I’d like to draw your attention to two URL links:

the first is

This is the HPB block explorer (similar to etherscan) and this will allow you to check details of your account. It will tell you how many HPB you have in your wallet and also how many ESR tokens you have in your wallet. All you need to do is search for your wallet address in HPB Scan to retrieve this information, and you will see all the information stored on the HPB blockchain.

The second link is a very specific link, which points to the ESR token pre-sale smart contract. Here you can see exactly how many tokens are left unsold.

Once the amount of ESR token in the smart contract reaches zero, you won’t be able to purchase any. Even if there are some tokens left when the pre-sale finishes on Wednesday 21st April, you won’t be able to buy any, because any unsold tokens will be “burned”! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of token burning, it basically means sending the remaining tokens to a wallet address where the “owner” of the wallet is address 0x0 (a null address) which means nobody can ever access them, so they are gone forever and out of circulation)

So remember, you need to send HPB from a PERSONAL HPB wallet, and the smart contract will automatically send you back your ESR tokens that you can confirm by using HPBSCAN and searching for your wallet address.

Some common FAQS

Will I see my ESR tokens in the Official HPB wallet app immediately?

Not straight away. HPB management have informed me that the voting by the community governance committee to add the ESR token to the wallet was approved, and they are looking to add the ESR token to be able to view the app in the week commencing 19th April. Don’t worry though, your ESR tokens will still be in the wallet (as can be verified with HPB Scan website) but you just won’t be able to see them in the HPB wallet app until next week when HPB management add this to the app.

Will I see my ESR tokens in my Metamask wallet straight away?

Yes! All you need to do is add a “custom token” to Metamask (whilst connected to the HPB network) and the custom token address for ESR is:


(Please do not confuse this address with the ESR token pre-sale smart contract address! Don’t send HPB to this address!)

What is the minimum amount of ESR I can purchase in the presale?

The minimum amount you can send is 1 HPB coin, which equals 10 ESR tokens. If you send 1 HPB, you will receive 10 ESR tokens back to the same wallet.

What is the maximum amount of ESR I can purchase?

We have limited transactions to a maximum of 10,000 HPB per transaction. You can purchase more than this, but you would need to make multiple purchase transactions to do this. The reason we have implemented this limit, is to allow people to have a chance of purchasing tokens, rather than a HPB whale just coming in and purchasing all of the tokens in one single transaction.

What will happen if I try to purchase tokens before or after the pre-sale date (16th -21st)?

The smart contract includes “time-code” logic. If you attempt to make a purchase outside of the pre-sale dates stored in the smart contract, the transaction will simply fail, and the HPB won’t be sent.

What will happen if I try to purchase tokens when they run out?

The transaction will simply fail, and the HPB won’t be sent. We’d recommend checking on HPB scan to see if there are enough tokens left in the smart contract to meet your purchase requirements because the transaction may fail if there aren’t enough left.

Can I trade my tokens as soon as I purchase them?

At the moment we are looking to list on various exchanges that already list HPB (Bibox/Indodax) and also the HPB DEX — As soon as we have secured listing on any of them, you will be able to trade your ESR tokens if you wish to.

Can I transfer my tokens to another HPB wallet as soon as I purchase them?

Yes, although you will only be able to do this initially from Metamask or imToken until the token is officially added to the HPB wallet app.

How will you provide liquidity to CEX/DEX exchanges?

We have set aside 10m ESR tokens for exchange liquidity. At a rate of 1 HPB to 10 ESR tokens, we will also look to match this with 1m HPB coin raised from the token sale. In the event of ESR not making the full sale of 20m tokens, then 50% of any HPB raised from the sale will still be reserved for exchange liquidity, and 10x this amount of ESR tokens will be reserved.

When can I actually USE my ESR tokens with the DApp?

We hope to launch the alpha of the DApp in May for wider community testing. The main launch is scheduled for June.

Where can I read the whitepaper?

Details of the whitepaper will be shared on Monday 19th April at 09:00am UK time, to coincide with the YouTube video launch and reveal of exactly what ESR is!

Once again, the ESR token sale address to send the HPB to is:


Be 100% sure you are sending to the correct address!

For those who want to understand a bit more about how the actual ESR token sale smart contract works, here is a separate, more advanced breakdown:

I tend to write about anything I find interesting. There’s not much more to it than that really :-)

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